We’re guiding humanity to find their inner wisdom and medicine through ancient traditions, community, and Love

Luna is a channel for spirit, spiritual coach, and curandera. Luna has traveled many miles on the red road (spiritual path) to get to where she’s at.

Her studies are of mind, body, spirit. Luna studied many modalities, taken many classes on herbalism/plant medicine, massage, hypnotherapy, energy, studied holistic health. and nutrition.

Luna invested many hours, time, and energy into learning, but it wasn’t that, that gave her the innerstanding, wisdom, compassion, and passion  for her work. It was through her life lessons and commitment to doing “the work” that she was able to really grasp and innerstand how to love and hold space for others. It was only when she committed to healing herself that she knew how to guide others through their healing journey.

Growing up, I always had what I needed, but not always what I wanted. So I’ve always worked very hard to get what I have. I also experienced traumas and because of those traumas I was afraid to be seen and afraid to speak up. Now through my learning, lessons, and healing. I’ve learned how to transmute these thoughts, programs and energies into my medicine. I acquired the wisdom to unhook from the matrix and false narratives that say we are defined by those traumas and learned behaviors. I learned how to step into my sovereignty, power, self love and abundance. I now KNOW we get to create in every moment and that we have free will and the ability to alchemize energy.

In the process of my healing journey I found the most profound healing in the ancient traditional healings and sacred indigenous ceremonies. Through attending ceremonies is how I met my elders, and my connection to spirit and my guides became strong. My desire to learn my indigenous culture became very important and was something my heart followed. As I learned, the path I walk is more narrow. Meaning, I knew what my purpose was. I knew I was to be of service to humanity, continue sharing about our traditions and a carrier of sacred sacraments.

Some of the sacred ceremonies I’ve had the privilege and honor to be a part of are Peace & Dignity Run, Sundance, teepee, sweat lodge, pow wows, and traveled to Iquitos Peru for Ayahuasca ceremonies, where I met my Maestros Don Lucho and Anderson with whom I did my dieta with and continue to learn form.

Currently, I continue to nurture and build my relationship with sacred plants through my dietas as continue to work on myself so I can continue to evolve.

With the guidance of my ancestors and creator, I was led to open up the ministry, Spiritual House of Indigenous Medicine. I had many visions and conversations with my ancestors where they have showed me I was to bring community together and merge our traditions in a way where they can be taught in this fast evolving world so that they don’t get lost or forgotten and continue for generations to come.

I invite and look forward to having you heal and grow with our community…

Rosa (Luna)